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Renewables Installer

Re-enhancing natures power for eco-friendly living

At Peter Gatland Plumbing we are committed to environmental energy issues, believing in a holistic approach, world energy and world conservation. These issues involve us and the world we live in today and will affect our children and families in the future. Through the use of sustainable and renewable energy we can start to take control, today, for the future. We have many years of experience in designing and installing modern heating and hot water systems using all the latest developments and high efficiency condensing boilers. We have become accredited solar engineer and have all the knowledge and skills to install high quality and reliable solar heating in your home.

Solar heating systems

A well designed and installed solar system should provide most of the hot water needs of an average household for the sunniest 4 -6 months of the year. The rest of the time it will contribute to the heating needs. Over a year about 50-60% of your hot water will have been heated by the sun.

Latest installation methods

Pressurised solar system using evacuator and flat plate collectors are common place in Europe and are becoming common place in U.K. Using all the latest design and installation methods and electrical controls these systems run themselves, giving you the benefit of free hot water while burning less fossil fuels.

renewable installations

Effective & efficient operation

If your house has a south facing roof and free of shade, at an angle of between 20 and 50 degrees then solar can be an excellent addition to your energy needs. South easterly and south westerly roofs will also operate effectively and efficiently. Solar panels can also be fitted to flat roofs using an A frame.

A modern solar system can be easily fitted to your existing system through either evacuated tubes or flat plate collectors with the addition of a solar hot water cylinder, system controller and pump. These systems can be: open vented, drain back system or high tech fully pumped un-vented system. All systems are controlled by a central controller.

If you are considering making your home more eco-friendly please contact us.